10 Hilarious Cats Being Total Jerks


Cats can be total jerks at times. This is not because they want to be rude to you, but because they are always up to some thing weird. The minds of these furry creatures thinking of some mischief. Afterwards, they are just busy putting that plan into action.

Here are ten cats that will show you that cats can be total jerks at times! But one thing that will never change is their pawsomeness.


“Anything for entertainment. Let me create a complete chaos and you can clean up later.”


“I sit where I feel like. It doesn’t matter where and on whom.”


“My cats trying to steal a slice of pizza. I am not sure if it will get through that small whole. Cats are smart, but sometimes they act dumb.”


“Let me check what’s in this drink. I can’t afford to let anything happen to him.”


“Here is some butter for you. Apply it on the bread and give it to me.”

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Cats can be really mean at times. They do what they feel like and don’t care what anyone else will think. Sometimes, they end up coming out as complete jerks in the middle of all this. These cats have shown you what weird mischiefs they are up to. It’s just impossible to figure out why felines do what they do. No genius on Earth is capable enough to explain what is wrong with these felines. Can you figure it out?


“My cat is ready to give me some piano lessons. I can’t tell you how excited I am.”


When the cat wants to play with you, but makes you do the extra work. “I am doing this to get you slim. This is not for me.”


“My cat is completely shameless. He doesn’t care at all.”


Meet the star of the night! She is totally talented and adorable too.


When you don’t offer your cat any food, he will definitely take revenge.

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