10 Hilarious Cats Sitting Where They Shouldn’t


Cats sitting at the wrong place make it to the best memes all the time. Well, cats can sit at the right places and they will still be hilarious. Felines are born with it. They know how to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Here are some cats sitting at all the places they shouldn’t and it’s totally hilarious!


Every cat hooman has to deal with this every day. Also, they don’t need alarms because their cats act like one.


When your cat is more worried about peaches than you. “These peaches are so adorable. I am not leaving them alone even for a moment. What if somebody steals them!”


This cat was preparing for her monthly ritual when her hooman caught her. She is unsure whether to proceed with it or not.


When your cat knows that you are leaving and does everything in his power to stop you.


Well, the tortoise should have moved. He knows this is my favorite place to sit. Now bear with me for sometime.

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Why do cats do so despite of being so smart? Are they doing all this just to make us laugh. Are you finding this hilarious. We bet you are totally enjoying this. Cats are totally natural at being weird and hilarious. They are born with it.


“My hooman doesn’t understand that it’s warm and comfortable. I am tired of explaining it to her.”


“My hoomans are smart, but I am smarter than them. So what if they won’t let me sit on the chair, I will sit in the basket instead.”


“I want to leave, but it would seem disrespectful. Also, I am very dleepy after listening to this boring lecture.”


Cats know that if their hooman will study too much, then they will become smart and throw them out of the house. So, it would be better if they don’t let their hoomans study.


“Hoomans are so smart. They made these special circles for each of us. This is so cool!”

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