10 Hilarious Cats That Will Brighten Your Day


Cats are the other name of happiness. Anyone who lives with a cat can’t stay sad for long. The felines ensure that their hoomans smile a lot and stay happy. But if you can’t get a cat, you can enjoy pawsome cat posts that will definitely cheer you up.

Here is a collection of hilarious cat pictures that will brighten up your day for sure. Have a look!


When it’s time to sit in the sun and stare at the world outside. This cat is definitely sassy.


“Hi hooman, I was just stretching a bit. This part is my favorite. See how cool I look!”


“Can you see it? We have to get it out before our hoomans gets to know. I am sure he will throw us out of the home if he gets to know that we hid his phone in there.”


“My cat was bored of sleeping on the bed, so he chose this place. He is not sure about it yet.”


“Caught my cat like this and I think he is broken. Should I take him to the vet or let him fix himself?”

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Cats are always busy doing some weird thing to amuse themselves. They don’t like to sit ideal. Felines like it when their hoomans are also a part of their madness. After all, they know that more the number of people, more fun it is. Why should cats have all the fun alone!


“What are you staring at? I am just doing the usual. Can you leave me alone for some time?”


This is just a cat hanging upside down. He likes to keep a watch on his hooman like this. It is pretty hilarious and intriguing at the same time.


This is not for you kitty. Please get out of it now.


The most attentive students sit on the front desk. Look how serious this cat takes his class.


“Don’t make any noise or they might come and catch us!”

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