10+ Hilariously Naughty Cats Who Act Like They Own Their Humans


If you are planning to adopt a cat, you must know that a life of a cat hooman revolves around their furry companions. And if you think that you can get away with it, then you are totally wrong.

Here are some cats who will show you why cats rule the world including their hooman’s.

#1 When your cat thinks that you arranged the zoom conference just for her fans, so she is busy focusing on the show.

#2 This is why cats and dogs can never be friends.

#3 When your cats like to sit on the same spot at the same time, you are in big trouble.

#4 Never cancel a playdate with your cat to work on the puzzle. This is what will happen.

#5 When there are plenty of trees around, but you love flowers and sun.

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Accept it or not, cats will always be at the top of their hooman’s priority list. When the felines notice that something else is grabbing their hooman’s attention, they will immediately do something to get it back. In order to ensure that this doesn’t happen, the cats always keep their hoomans entertained so that they don’t have time to focus on someone else.

#6 “You are leaving so soon. Who will I play my stupid tricks on?”

#7 When you think your pets are sound asleep and return to switch off the lights.

#8 When your cat tries to get innovative with the ways to wake you up, but you are only trying to breathe.

#9 Never move when your cat is sleeping on top of you. It will totally disturb their mood and sleep.

#10 When you dare your cat not to do something, it will act as an invitation for him to do exactly that. so plan your move carefully.

#11 Just got into the car and look who has been following.

#12 Some cats believe that their true side shouldn’t be hidden.

Are you a cat hooman too? What’s your cat’s story? Share with us in the comments below.

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