10 Hilarious Cats Who Successfully Defied The Laws Of Physics (New Pics)


Cats do a lot of weird things and defying the laws of physics is their favorite one. We have no clue how the felines do this. Maybe they have some super powers that we don’t have a clue about. But some cats were caught performing this magic and it is super shocking and hilarious at the same time. You never fail to surprise us little furballs.

Here are some cats that will totally surprise you. Have a look!


This cat has been practising this for so long. He is so happy that he finally achieved it.


When you catch your cat amidst his acrobatic practice and start wondering what he is up to. How are you even capable of doing this, young kitty!


“I told you I only need a little space to sit. Stop worrying about me now. I am totally fine!”


How do cats do that all the time! It’s time that we start learning from them.


When your cat wants to take a nap and stretch at the same time, they may do something like this.

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Yes, this is all for real. It’s amazing how these adorable creatures are super talented as well. We are only beginning to explore their super powers. Only god knows what they have in store for us ahead. How do cats manage to do everything all at once. They are the true rulers of this universe.


“Look hooman, this is called the art of balancing. This is how you balance work and leisure. I won’t teach you again, so you better pay a little attention.


When you finally find out that it was your cat all along and you didn’t have a single clue.


“What are you looking at? Come get me out of this weird position now!”


“So this is what they have been talking about all along. I like this upside down view better.”


We knew cats are weird and do strange things, but what is this! They are truly magical beings.

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