10 Hilarious Cats Who Tried To Hide From The Vet


Cats may rule the world, but there is one place that they never feel welcome at. It’s obviously a vet’s clinic. Every cat on this planet hates to go to a vet. Given an option between suffering from pain and going to the vet, a cat will always like to deal with the pain in his own manner. Taking your cat to a vet is the most difficult thing in the world. Then comes the second most thing. Getting your cat the treatment at the vet’s clinic.

We have a collection of some naughty cats who tried to hide away in the vet’s clinic and they look hilarious. Look where they have been hiding!


“My cat was right here a few minutes back. Where did it go now?”


When your cat thinks that the sink is the best place to hide and nobody will find them there.


“My cat has been training for this at home and I couldn’t understand why. Now, I know it all.”


“So what if they found me inside the sink. This time I will come up with a better place to hide. I hope nobody can see me now.”


Where does a cat hides in a vet’s clinic? The answer is quite obvious, isn’t it?

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Cats and their sense of humor will never stop to amuse us. Look at all these cats here trying to hide inside the sink and hoping that nobody will ever find them. We appreciate all your efforts little kitty. Keep it up!


“I took my cat to a vet’s clinic and he wouldn’t get out of the sink. It’s been hours now.”


When you think a cat is sneaky, you are completely right.


“There is no one here. You better go check somewhere else.”


The most genius cat you will ever meet is this one trying to hide in the sink right here.


This kitty always disappears when the vet is about to check him.

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