10+ Hilarious Incidents To Show What Cats Are Like


Every cat owner thinks that they know your cat very well, but they surprise us. Felines are always one step ahead of their hooman thinks. The moment you feel that you know your cat, it goes on to do something that you would have never imagined. This collection of pawsome cat pictures will show you what we are talking about.

#1 “Every time my cat does something wrong, he pretends that it was an accident. I can’t get over his tactics.”

#2 “You forgot to feed me. How can you do that?”

#3 When you are sleeping soundly, but your cat has other plans.

#4 When you finally get your cat’s favorite food home and she can’t believe it.

#5 “This is my cat’s most comfortable spot in the entire home. He won’t leave this place even for a moment.”

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#6 Don’t pamper your cat too much or it will end like this.

#7 When you can’t tell your boss why you were late and look for other reasons.

#8 We can’t get over how adorable this cat is.

#9 When your little kitty is trying to scare you away.

#10 When you have to cancel a playdate with your kitty to work, she won’t agree at all. “I said no. you can’t cancel our playdate at any cost.”

#11 When you tell your cat that you have to go out for work, but he is scared of the ongoing pandemic.

#12 Cats have favorite toys too that they love to carry around with them everywhere.

What is your cat’s thing? How does it surprise you? Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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