10+ Hilarious Issues That Only Cat Owners Know About


You can’t understand it till the time you own a cat. As annoying as these felines are, we still love them from the bottom of our hearts. Things may get a bit messy at times, but in the end the furballs somehow manage to convince us to do as they say. Look at these pawsome cats and maybe you will understand.

#1 Cats always have some mission to accomplish. You are a part of it and you don’t have a clue about what’s going on.

#2 Cats do weird stretching poses all the time. You just don’t know what they are preparing for. Is it their fitness mantra?

#3 This cat thinks that the card boards are the actual presents for him. He refuses to sleep anywhere else.

#4 You have to adjust in the minimal space that is left on the bed once your cat is asleep.

#5 Your cat hates when you love something else more than them. They will resort to destruction in such a scenario.

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#6 That innocent face blaming you for leaving them alone.

#7 That’s a super talent only cats possess. Don’t try and copy them or you my land in trouble.

#8 Why do you keep on getting expensive gifts when empty boxes are the only things that make them happy.

#9 You have to always fill the cat bowl twice. Otherwise, they will keep on stealing your food.

#10 Cats always like to make you stand at the door for a few minutes before they finally decide if they want to stay indoors or go out.

#11 “Every time I try to take a selfie. My cat interrupts. He thinks I am better off without good pictures.”

#12 “My cat helping me get some work done.”

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