10+ Hilarious Pets That Almost Gave Their Owners A Mini Attack


Our pets can sometimes cross the line when it comes to their pranks. These pranks almost gave their hoomans a heart attack. Even you will get a shock after looking at these pets. Are your pets also doing something similar to you? Then you definitely need to see this. Pet owners around the world go through this together.


“My cat does a lot of weird things, but this really scared me. By the way, he was just playing with tomatoes. Not leaving him alone with tomatoes ever again.”


Who walks like a king through a desert? Only a cat can do that!


Is this for real? What happened to you kitty? Wait a minute, how are you sitting so calmly.


“What just happened here? Where’s my cat? What did you do to the kitty?”


“In case you didn’t notice, I am always watching. Remember that!”

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We hope you are still here with us and these pet haven’t scared you away. Keep your hand on your heart because we have some more for you. You really need a tough heart to go through all this.


“Is it time for the trip already? Let me take a quick nap before it’s time to leave. You can easily carry me or I won’t mind if you leave me alone here.”


This cat was so tired that he decided to sleep in the middle. Is it really a cat though?


“I was just leaving. I have decided that from now on I will give you some alone time. It’s a limited offer though.”


What happened with this dog? Can you figure out what’s wrong? Maybe look a little closely.


Be careful when you leave your pet alone with a lipstick. He can scare you.


“Just hold on for a minute. We are almost through this.”


This little furball wants to say something. Can he have everyone’s attention for a few minutes?

Share your scary pet stories with us in the comments below.

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