10 Hilarious Pets Who Love to Be Naughty to their Innocent Owners


If your pet is not mischievous enough to disobey you, is it even your pet? Yes, that’s what pets are for. They will mess things up and do what suits them best without caring what you think. They have little to do with your opinions about how things should be. Here are some pets that straight away said no to their hoomans and went on doing what they wanted. Well, no matter how disobedient pets can be, we love them. At least these rebellious pets are a spark in our boring lives. Even while frowning at them, you know that they are one of the best things that happened to you.

#1 When your dog can’t find a better place to sleep, you just hold still.

#2 When your cat secretly wishes to attend school with you, but you are completely unaware.

#3 Never ever leave your dog alone when you are giving them a bath. They will use the slightest opportunity to take revenge.

#4 When your dog decides that some things look better with their paws on them, they make sure that it happens.

#5 When you don’t give your parrot enough food, this is how he will rebel.

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#6 “My hooman has no idea about how the paintings are to be placed. He keeps on messing with them.”

#7 Every time something goes missing in your home, you know where to find it.

#8 “My dog doesn’t like it when I devote his time to my books. I can never find a way out of it.”

#9 Time to sandwich your parrot and have some fun.

#10 “I steal when my hooman is busy uploading the pictures of delicious food she cooked.”

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