10 Hilarious Photos Of Cats That Stopped Functioning After Using Catnip


It’s quite impossible to control cats. They are quick, smart and never listen to their hoomans. So what do cat hoomans do when they want some alone time and no trouble at all? Just give your cat some catnip and it won’t bother you for at least a couple of hours. Cats become even more hilarious after consuming catnip. The best part is that they are not in control of their actions anymore and depend on their hoomans to help them. You would have never seen any cat so helpless before.

Here are some hilarious pictures of cats that stopped functioning after getting catnip. Have a look!


Only catnip can control cats. There is no other way to outsmart them.


Cats go into a different zone after consuming catnip. Be careful before giving your cat too much catnip. Things may get weird.


“My hooman mixed something in my food today. I feel so tired that I can sleep for two days straight. What is happening to me?”


“Why is there too much light in this room? Pull the curtains hooman! I am going to sleep for some time.”


This cat stop functioning after his hooman gave him some catnip. Maybe you should avoid doing this from now on.

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When you think you are high on life and see your soul shining through your eyes, it is definitely not right.


This cat has been sitting like this for hours and it refuses to move. “What did you feed me in lunch today? My body feels so heavy. Pick me up and put me to bed now.”


Your cat may enjoy a lot after it gets catnip, but you will have to clean up all the mess.


A bit of cat and cats can start daydreaming too. Only catnip can make cats do things that they never imagined of doing. “Do I see stars on the ceiling? Is it for real?”


Do you want your cat to relax for a bit and not bother you with anything? Here’s how to achieve the impawsible!

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