10 Hilarious Photos That Prove Cats Are The Biggest Jerks (New Pics)


You may do anything to trick your cat into not doing something, but you will never succeed. Cats are the smartest and they know how their hoomans will try to outsmart them. The felines are always a step ahead of us. They have the entire day to think each step through. So even before you think of doing something, your cat has already thought it through.

Here are some cats who are complete jerks and you can’t stop laughing at them!


If you think that your cat can’t read and understand your tactics, then you are still living in the twentieth century.


That note wouldn’t have survived even a minute if it was put on the inner side of the door.


“Hi hooman, can you please come sit here. I want to take a nap.”


Is it getting difficult to keep your cat away from food? Your cat is scared of water. Just keep a water in your hand while you eat and see the magic unravel itself.

Times like these when you are finally able to control your cat are truly precious. Well, food can make you do a lot of things. Cats are pawsome pets, but they also turn into complete jerks when it comes to food. It’s always a tough fight. No one is ready to give up!


Comfort and food is all that a cat needs. So if your cat ever goes missing, you know where to find it.

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Cats are really smart. You need to be very careful around them. One little mistake and you will have to pay for it for life.


“You are almost through, just squeeze a little more. You will make it through easily.”


When your cat doesn’t agree to go to the vet, so you have to visit the doctor instead.


Leave your cat alone in the bathroom and be prepared to clean all the mess.


“What is wrong with your hair? Let me straighten it!”

10 Hilarious Examples Of Cat Logic

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