10 Hilarious Photos That Prove Cats Are The Biggest Jerks


Cats may be the biggest jerk on these planets, but they are also the most hilarious ones. The felines don’t even have to make an effort to be hilarious. They just do what they like and everybody find it hilarious. Why and how cats manage to do this? Nobody knows that and nobody cares. Everybody needs this bubble of joy and happiness in their lives. Nothing is more important than that.

Here are some hilarious pictures of cats that prove that they are the biggest jerks. Have a look and get your dose of laughter for the day.


Nothing can be above the cat. Only a cat deserves to be at the top.


If yes, then come find it here.


“I thought you needed a break. You have been working since too long. Thank me later.”


This is how your cat tells you to get back at home. if you don’t listen at once, then the consequences can be really bad.


Never stop a cat from entering anywhere. They know how to break doors.

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We know you are laughing already. It is not possible to ignore cats and not laugh at them. Cats are gifted with a great sense of humor. These cat pictures have captured the true essence of cat wit. This is what they were born to do. Life is not easy and things can get really hard at times. But cats ensure that their hoomans don’t forget to laugh in these times.


Cats always like to sit on warm surfaces. Your laptop is at the top of their list right now.


A cat knows how to reach where they want to sit. You might have to help them later.


When the cat hooman forgets to turn off the lights before going to sleep, cat must turn it off.


Cats also have the right to enjoy their tea.


If your room is not warm enough, then go check where your cat is sitting. You might have to ask him to move.

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