10 Hilarious Photos That Will Prove Cats Are The Biggest Jerks


Even though the fur balls are adorable and have our hearts, they can be the biggest jerks you have met. The minds of these sneaky creatures never rest. They are planning their next move even in their sleep. No matter how much they love you, they have to make sure that you are not missing anything out. So being a jerk is just part of their bigger plan to make you happy. Read more to find out how!

#1 Cats don’t like when something else has got your attention. So they will everything that comes in their way.

#2 “So what if I can’t get everyone’s attention, at least I have their socks and underpants.”

#3 The feline creatures know exactly which button to press to divert your focus. They don’t care if you haven’t saved the assignment you were working on.

#4 And sometimes they will make you beg not to break their phones. Make sure your cat is not around when you are using your phone or she may act like a jealous girlfriend.

#5 Your cat will sneak in the moment you turn around and their paw is the only proof you have.

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#6 “Did you forget to share your food with me, lovely hooman? Don’t worry because I know how to get food to my mouth.”

#7 When you tell your cat that you are taking her out for a drive, this is how she will react.

#8 When your cat has finally learnt to climb and putting his skills to test.

#9 Tried working from home and this is how my cats reacted to it. Cat owners can’t work when the fur balls are around.

#10 When you let them watch their favourite movie, cats will ensure you don’t get to see anything.

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