10 Hilarious Pics Of Cats Show That Will Show That They Are Weird But Pawsome


Cats are the most adorable four legged creatures walking on this planet. If you are already living with a cat, consider yourself blessed. Not everyone gets this pawsome opportunity in their lives.

No matter how much we try to describe them, each of them is unique. They are weird, yet adorable. Only cats can combine these two together.

#1 This cat is growing his fangs to star in the upcoming season of The Vampire Diaries.

#2 “When my cat is super tired after taking five naps whole day, this is how he sleeps at night.”

#3 Cats are very hardworking and can fall asleep anywhere at any time. This is their only talent.

#4 “There has been some issue in the programming of my cat. He starts walking on two legs at midnight. I caught him one day and now, I am clueless what to do.”

#5 When your cat is in the mood to misbehave, you can expect him to do something like this.

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That’s enough of cat weirdness, but there is always more. Cats never get tired of doing their weird stuff and we never get tired of appreciating them. We wonder what would the world be like without these pawsome felines and their hilarious acts. It will only be like a zombie land with no fun at all.

#6 “My cat likes to pose adorably and stare at me until I take a picture.”

#7 When I finally sit to answer all my cat’s questions, he stares at me in disappointment for five minutes straight.

#8 “My cat catching me doing the wrong thing. He somehow knows every single time.”

#9 When this cat got to know that his hooman’s boy has been teaching her all this while. “Lot of drama coming my way. Let me go to sleep.”

#10 When you forget to let your cat in and he stands there staring at you. “I have been living in this home since five years and my hooman still forgets me outside. He doesn’t love me.”

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