10 Hilarious Pictures Showing Malfunctioning Cats


Even though cats are a role model for every other creature on this planet, there are times when they start malfunctioning. After all, we can’t expect them to be purrfect all the time. But they still manage to be pawsome somehow. These hilarious pictures depicting malfunctioning cats will definitely make you laugh really hard. If not, then there is something wrong with you. You should go get your sense of humor checked.


Sometimes cats get inspired by their hoomans and sometimes, it’s the other way round. We know whose influence is bad influence.



When you don’t let your kitty venture out of your home, this is what you may get to witness.


“I went to adopt a cat and this is what I got. Not sure if it’s a human trapped inside a cat. I have never seen a cat sit like this before.”


Morning yoga with a view is the best one. “My cat does this every morning to encourage me to do yoga.”


When you have no clue why your cat is so excited, but you are happy for it anyways.

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Cats doing their thing at the best. Don’t try stopping them because they don’t listen and they don’t care. So just sit back and enjoy.


A cat’s reaction after a failed attempt at destroying the plants. “I better get it done the next time.”


“My cat is giving me a complex with his amazing flexibility and balancing skills.”


That Sunday vibe when you feel like doing nothing at all. Cats be the best at it.


“My cat goes on making weird expressions at the middle of the night. It creeps me out sometimes. Should I get my cat checked? He is possessed or something?”


When the cat is dead tired and can’t even get to his bed, but doesn’t care about it. After all, the cats rule the house.

Does your cat also malfunctions at times? If yes, then do share your amazing experience with us.

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