10 Hilarious Pictures That Show Cats Are The Biggest Jerks To Dogs


Cats and dogs are the biggest enemies of all time. You might have often seen dogs chasing a cat away. But how many times have you seen a cat troubling a dog. It hardly ever happens. However, this is not so. Any pet owner who owns a cat as well as a dog knows that the cats are always the troublemakers. The dogs on the other hand are the innocent ones who never say anything to the cat.

Here are some pictures that prove that cats are the biggest jerks to the dogs. If you don’t believe us, you definitely need to have a look at these pictures.


When your cat wants everything that belongs to your dog, his bed is at the top of the list.


“Hooman, the cat took my bed. He looks so adorable so I don’t want to disturb him. But where should I sleep now?”


When your cat is bored and has no one to play with, he might trouble your dog. You should do something to keep him busy.


“My dog has been watching the cat sitting on his bone for an hour now, but the cat wouldn’t move.”


“Don’t even dare to enter the hooman’s room. Only I have the right to do that. Go downstairs right now!”

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“This is what my does every time my dog tries to eat its food. Sometimes I feel really bad for the dog.”


“I saw it. It was dark and had a huge shadow. We have to fight it together.”


This is the cat’s favorite place to sit. Even the dog doesn’t have the guts to say no to him.


Every time I try to take a picture of my dog, this is what my cat does. He is always in the background staring angrily at me.


When the cat waits for the hooman to return and let him catch the dog red-handed in the kitchen. Look how diligently he is guarding the kitchen door.

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