10+ Hilarious Snapchats Of Funny Cats


Cats… what weird creatures they are! They are wicked, temperamental, cuddly, needy, and absolutely adorable. These are among plenty of other reasons why we love our cats.

A lot of interesting moments emerge from the unique characteristics of our feline companions. Often, these moments find their way to Twitter or other social media platforms.

Whenever our cats are onto something funny, we whip out our phones and start taking snaps. It’s like a reflex. We post it online to brag about how funny our cats are. But the whole world should be able to see the silliness of our adorable kitties.

So we bring for you some of the most amazing kitty snaps from around the globe. Share these bone-tickling pics with friends and family!

#1 Knock Knock!

This little kitty has failed to realize the door is open because she’s such a simpleton.

#2 The Gargoyle twins

These majestic cats resemble twin gargoyles. They are here to ward off evil and scare everyone who should not be in the basement. We dare you to enter the basement!

#3 Exclamation Kitty

This cat certainly has things to exclaim. It probably has something to do with her silly butt. It looks like a thick black exclamation point!

#4 Wok Naps

The cat had been missing for a while. Upon checking the entire house, he was found napping inside a wok which lied over the top of the fridge.

#5 Creepy Catto

Take a good look at the face. It’s a creep’s face and he knows it.

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#6 A cat with bad intentions

This kitty has stuff cooking in her mind. Bad stuff. Perhaps an evil plan involving taking over the world.

#7 The gratitude kitty

We have a kitty that would like to express her gratitude. She was rescued and is content because she now has a shoe box where she can chill.

#8 Insurance Fraud 101

The cat definitely has some acting talent. Making it look like someone ran him over. Phony catto!

#9 Delish Cinnamon Roll Cat

She looks like cinnamon rolls but look at that cute button of a face though!

#10 Unidentified Object Detected

Good golly hooman, what weapon is this? TELL ME NOW.

#11 The skinny twins and their fatty sibling

Would have absolutely loved watching the porky fella drag himself through the snow!

#12 My paper shredder is taking a short break

After a long day of shredding paper, my paper shredder needs a minimum 18-hour downtime.

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