10 Hilarious Snaps Of Cats Caught Stealing


Has your kitty ever tried to steal some food? If not, is it even a cat? Well, we got some cat snaps that were clicked while they were stealing food. It is hilarious to see how creative these cats can get. No matter how much we feed the, the feline creatures always like to steal some food. What if they get hungry later and you forget to save some for them! So they just like to keep their own stock.

#1 Did you forget to share your cookie with your cat? Don’t worry he will take care of it on his own.

#2 “My hooman made dozens of pancakes and I kept waiting for it. But he didn’t offer it to me, so I had to steal some of it for myself.”

#3 My cat is more creative than your cat. We will soon be publishing a book together.

#4 “This kid is my best buddy. He always shares his food with me and sometimes, I just steal it.”

#5 “Did someone say fish? I got ya! I will take it from here.”

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#6 “My cat knows the best stealing tricks of all times. I am starting to learn from him. Got noting better to do in this lockdown.”

#7 “My hooman goes around wasting milk. I am the only one who cares about the leftovers.”

#8 This cat is mesmerized by the aquarium. He is planning to move in there.

#9 “It’s so simple hooman. Just take the balloon and dive. Why do you even need to fly? Wait, catch me!”

#10 “Finally, I got to lay my hands on some carrot. My hooman has been hiding it here all this while.”

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