10 Hilarious Tumblr Cat Posts That Will Make Your Day


Tumblr has always been a magical place. A decade ago, everyone was crazy about it and posted everything about every important thing they did. In the present day, Facebook and Instagram is the new Tumblr. It was banned after people started posting too much NSFW content. Even though it lost popularity, but honest users are still using it after the ban was lifted.

For those of you who love cats and use Tumblr, you know that cat lovers have a huge contribution to Tumblr. We have literally kept it alive. It has been a hub of cat stories and pictures. We have some pawsome collection of these cat pictures here for you. Check them out!

#1 Liquefying is an art. Come join us if you want to learn.

#2 This cat couldn’t find a better place to hide his face. Are you feeling better now kitty?

#3 All those who think cats are insensitive needs to read this.

#4 When you feed your cat ten times a day and he still acts like he is fainting.

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#5 This is really scary.

#6 When someone says mean things to your cat and you jump to protect them.

#7 Only if you watch closely will you ever get to know what your cat is up to.

#8 When your cat looks you up and down with judging eyes, you have certainly done something really wrong.

#9 Best alarm ever! Your cat will ensure that you never miss out.

#10 Ever caught your cat yawning? No? Well, here’s how it goes.

How many of you are going to get back on Tumblr after this? Do comment and let us know.

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