10 Hilarious Ways In Which Cats Think


We have domesticated cats for years now and we still can’t understand them. Felines have a completely different way of doing things and even more complicated way of thinking. So instead of trying to figure them out, you should better sit back and enjoy. Because you know that your efforts will go waste.

Here is a collection of cats that like to do things in their own way and don’t care what others think. You will definitely enjoy this!


“Upside down is always better. You should also try it some time.”


“My cats always like to do things differently. Sometimes, it gets a bit complicated.


“Want to play hide and seek?” Always say yes, even when your cat doesn’t know how to hide properly.


Being innovative is in their blood, felines can’t do anything without being innovative.


Why waste your money when empty cardboard boxes are all that your cat will ever need?

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Now you know what you should do when you are getting bored. Just search for some cat memes and you won’t need anything else. Adopting a cat is even better than that because you know entertaining you is their life’s only agenda. But if you can’t adopt a cat, you can always enjoy cat memes.


Free up some space and make a cardboard castle. That’s the only way to make your cat happy.


When your cat use too much of its brain, this is what will happen.


No, it’s not what you think it is. This cat and dog are the worst enemies, but still they sleep like this.


“Comfort, what’s that? I only do things to make my hooman laugh.”


“Invited my cat’s friend home for dinner and it seems that he has not eaten since a lot of days.”

We hope by know you must have at least understood cats a bit. If not, then you need not worry. We have tons of cat  stories to tell, so keep reading. Share your views with us in the comments below.

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