10 Hilariously Meanest Things Evil Cats Have Done


Cats may be adorable and cute. But they can be purely evil at times. But they have a justification for it too. It’s the hoomans who provoke them to be mean and evil. So what do you think? Is it the cats or their hoomans? Who is the real culprit here?

Here are some cats that did the most evil things ever. Look at these cat pictures and judge for yourself who is the evil one.


When a cat wants something, it takes it no matter what. “Are you giving it to me or should I snatch it away?”


Once cats are at the best place, they show you their best side too.


It’s not easy to make a cat love you if it chooses not to. Something magical has to happen to change that.


Cats are only looking out for you all the time. Maybe the cleaning person was trying to harm you in some way. When a cat does something, there is a reason behind it.


Don’t go by the appearance. It’s what behind those adorable eyes.

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We are halfway through the evil cat stories and it’s time to judge them now. Is the cats who are doing this on purpose or is it their hoomans who are forcing them into this? Quickly make up your mind and tell us what you think. If you need some more help, then continue reading the story.


Cats hate vets and some cats are really open about it.


When you don’t want to make any efforts, just be a little smart. Cats are the smartest pets in the world.


“It’s your birthday so I will try not to be mean today.”


Cats can do anything to escape the vets. They really hate them.


“You are responsible for this. You bring out my worst side. I told you not to clip my claws, but you never listen. So deal with the consequences now.”

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