10+ Hilariously Strange Missing Cat Posters That Will Make You Look Twice


As adventurous as the felines are, they may go missing at times. Cats love to step out and explore the world on their own. But sometimes they find a better place and don’t return home. Nonetheless, their worried hoomans put out posters to find them.

We have a collection of some weird missing cat posters that will make you stop and read. These are totally weird, but will make you laugh for sure. We thought you wouldn’t want to miss them, so here you go.

#1 This missing cat made a lot of efforts to escape, why would he even want to come back?

#2 “My hooman has trouble seeing in the dark. Please ignore this.”

#3 This cat is surely being tortured by his hooman. That must be one of the reasons he ran away.

#4 Will someone explain what’s going on here!?

#5 Wait. Which breed of cat is it?

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#6 This hooman surely doesn’t want his cat back. Anyone who finds him please don’t return it. He is surely in better hands.

#7 Could this missing cat’s hooman be more direct?

#8 Maybe this cat just likes you now and doesn’t want to go anywhere else.

#9 Some cats can’t be tamed. Well, this one can’t be.

#10 What better reward than a cat who meows whole day!

#11 If he’s not lost, then why in the world would you put up this poster. Some people are too smart to be living with a cat.

#12 Are you sure you are calling it by the right name?

#13 Even if someone sees it, no one will dare to go near him.

#14 We have been counting toes all this while.

#15 No better way to describe a missing cat.

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