10 Hilarius Cat Tweets To Make Your Day


Cats always find a way to enter every arena of our lives. Be it your social media or your home, you know that cats rule both of them. A cat hooman spends most of his time either running after his cat or tweeting about it. Don’t worry if you don’t have a cat, you can still enjoy the cat tweets. Here’s a pawsome collection of hilarious cat tweets just for you. Have a look and thank us later!

#1 Cats are not happy with our choices. Maybe we should let them decide.

#2 Some cats will never acknowledge what you do for them. We love them regardless of their attitude.

#3 Cats have their priorities set right. When will we start learning from them!

#4 “Now my cat knows why I have been ordering so much stuff lately. It’s all for you little kitty. Have fun!”

#5 “My cat likes to keep a check on me. This is what he does ever few minutes.”

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#6 Even cats agree to this and they don’t care. So your opinion doesn’t matter.

#7 How many cats are there in this picture. The one who answers correctly gets to keep one.

#8 Your cat is always in a dilemma to escape or not. so you better keep an eye on them.

#9 “My cat couldn’t figure out what to do with it. He kept staring at it in wonder.”

#10 Only cat people can understand the true meaning of this. So if you are not one, don’t even try.

We know that you enjoyed these cat tweets. Do have a look at our other articles to find pawsome and hilarious cat memes. We are sure you will enjoy them too.

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