10 Indoor Cats Who Went Outside For The First Time Have Hilarious Reactions


Cats don’t bother their hoomans to take them outside for walks much. They like to be lazy and take naps all day. But once a while when the felines get to venture outside, they are not sure if they really want to do this. You will have to literally force your cats to go for a walk with you. Taking a trip is the last thing that you would ever get to do with your cat. They never agree and when they do, they just hate it.

Here are some cats who went outside for the very first time with their hoomans and their reactions are totally hilarious.


“Please take me back. the world outside is very dangerous. I never want to go out again.”


“What is this scary place you have brought me to? I don’t like it at all. Can be go back already?”


“So this is why you have been hiding me inside. I think I should trust you sometimes. I don’t think ‘outdoors’ is a place for me.”


“I could have taken a nap inside, but my hooman wanted to take me out. If you are done with your pictures, we should head back inside.”


“I hate winters and I hate snow. I totally regret this decision.”

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This snow is a wicked things. It is scaring our adorable furballs. Look how terrified they are!


“Why do hoomans like to travel? I see no point in it. I mean you can sit at home and take twenty naps in a day and then party all night. These hoomans need to have new rules for living their life. They are doing it totally wrong.”


“All my dreams came to an end today. I used to wonder what outside was like. I am highly disappointed today.”


I never knew ‘outside’ was filled with sunlight. Why don’t we go out often? I would like that.”


“A little place of sunshine. I am not moving from here till the time sun goes down.”

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