10 Mean Cats That Deserve To Be Shamed Publicly For Their Horrible Crimes


Cats are adorable and act innocent most of the times. But this doesn’t mean that they are actually what they seem. Cats are the most unpredictable pets that you get to live with if you are lucky enough. Not everyone gets to adopt cats and those who do know that it’s not at all simple. Living with a cat is full of twists. You can never understand why cats do what they do.

Here are some mean cats that were shamed publicly for their crimes!


“You should show some pity for me instead of shaming me publicly. This is not done hooman. We all have some bad days.”


Cats hate water and they get really worried for their hoomans when they take a bath. “Why do you have to do this everyday? I get so scared. Who will feed me if you drown!”


“Please save me hooman. I don’t like it at all. I promise I will never do this again.”


“I think I will extend my vacation furrever. I like this cat bed.”


It gets little different to find a partner if you live with a cat. Felines don’t like to share their hooman with anyone so they scare everyone away.

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These felines totally deserve to be shamed publicly. Felines are weird and totally strange. We will never ever understand them. Can you guess why they act this way? If yes, then do share with us.


Cats may not be as innocent as they look. You have to be a little careful with them.


Every cat hooman is always conscious of their bodies because their furry companions can’t leave them alone. Some privacy please, cats!


Once a cat enters your heart, they are never leaving. That place is reserved for them furrever.


Cats got to do what they want to do. You can’t stop them. So better get some sleep.


Every cat has different kind of weirdness. So be careful while you choose if you get to choose at all.

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