10+ Cats Who Are Unable To Grasp The Concept Of Personal Space


Do you have a cat at your home? If you do, you’ll relate to the claim that cats are unable to grasp the concept of personal space, or perhaps choose to disregard it knowingly. They will keep cuddling and rubbing their soft fur against you until you given in the cuteness overload.

These photos will tell you how much our felines like invading our personal bubble.

#1 Whatcha lookin’ at?

Kitties seem to gaze at pretty much everything their hooman does, so prepare yourself for a number of staring sessions during your day if you want a cat.

#2 You’re a slave!

The kitty reminds me of a sphynx cat looming over poor human slaves. Smart move, little kittie.

#3 A welcome routine

This tiny cat has just begun to learn about his everyday routine. Excited for the regular bonding moments with the kittie.

#4 Pay attention to me

How can you ever not pay attention to those beady innocent eyes? She’s quietly yelling at you so you’d put the book down and conduct a cuddle session with her.

#5 On-guard!

This cat has mastered the art of invading the hooman’s personal space. They have the privilege to stop you from whatever you’re doing, but you can’t be mad because they are freakishly adorable!

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#6 You must choose between your career and me

Ofcourse Pebbles, say no more! I hate studying anyway, let’s go play.

#7 The “frightening” roar of a kitty

The kitty is trying hard but tough luck little buddy. You’re still unbelievably cute.

#8 A sneak peek into a cat person’s life

Ever wonder what a day looks like when you live with a cat? Well, look closely, because this photo sums it up quite nicely.

#9 Yummy Hair

Are my hair super delicious, kitty cat?

#10 Let me show you how it’s done

Move aside and let me show you how to deal with your grumpy boss, hooman!

#11 Is reading more important to you than me?

Give me the attention I deserve or suffer in silence.

#12 Hygienic Catto

Some of the first things they teach at kitty school is dental hygiene, I reckon.


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