10 Monsterous Cats Who Wrecked Their Hooman’s World


It doesn’t take long for a pet to turn their hooman’s world upside down. You make them angry and the next thing you will see is your home wrecked into pieces. It’s never a good idea to leave your pets angry at home all alone. Otherwise, you may return to a place that you may not recognize. Here are some monstrous cats that totally wrecked their hooman’s home. It might be hilarious to you, but only these cat hoomans know how painful it was. Have a look and judge for yourself how you should treat your cat. We suggest that you keep them happy all the time.


“Sorry hooman, I was only trying to turn it off. I even tried dropping it, but it still wouldn’t turn off.”


When you are too busy working and forget to feed your cat, this is what you may expect.


When a cat asks for the bigger bed, you agree. There is no other option available.


“Hi hooman, I thought you said it is party time. This is how I party. I hope you don’t mind.”


When you can’t wait for the food and decide to hang out in the kitchen till the time it’s prepared. The disappointment is clear on the cat’s face.

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When you try to watch the TV and your cat gives you that look that you could have  played with him instead. It works every time and makes you feel super guilty.


When you leave your cat angry at home, you might return to this. The revenge has been taken. It’s always the cat’s way because no other way exists.


When your cat is too busy playing with the toilet paper and you can’t help but adore him. Cats always have a way to make their hoomans smile even while they put them into trouble.


“Merry Christmas, hooman. This tree looks better this way.”


“Hi kitty, how are you holding up in there? It will be fine very soon.”

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