10 Most Evil Cats You Never Want To Meet


‘My cat is a good cat’ said no cat hooman ever. Cats are mysterious, adventurous and totally fun loving animals. Even though their idea of fun can be a bit troublesome for their hoomans, it doesn’t bother them. There are good kitties, bad kitties and then comes the worst cats. Things these bad cats are capable of will not only shock you, but make you run away from them. Some cat hoomans tweeted about all the bad stuff their cats have been doing and it’s hilarious.

#1 This cat needs to be taught some manners. It’s no joke, bad kitty.

#2 The cat gets his way out. Poor little two year old!

#3 Wow! Adopting a cat could be a big struggle when your cat is such a hustler.

#4 And the title of the world’s worst cat goes to Chandler!

#5 When you steal a cat’s bed, you learn the painful lesson quickly. Even the cat’s hooman won’t stop him from taking his revenge.

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#6 Now who needs a cat that stands up for you. ‘Nobody’ says no cat lover ever.

#7 Never forget to feed your cat before you go to sleep. You would be solely responsible for the dreadful consequences.

#8 Some cats have weird ways of showing affection. What does your cat do?

#9 When a cat finally finds the magic button that makes his hooman go crazy. Well, he will obviously make use of it.

#10 No good kitty will ever do this, but he won’t also make you laugh as much as a bad kitty does.

It can be a bit tricky to deal with cats at times. But once you learn the trick, everything is just pawsome.

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