10 Most Hilarious Cat Tweets To Remind You Why You Love Cats


Cats are the most pawsome animals to have around. It doesn’t matter how they trouble us, they are amazing to spend time with. Cats know how to make the most of everything. They don’t waste their time crying about something. If they want it, they make a way to get to it.

Here are some hilarious cat tweets to show you why cats deserve all the love. These pawsome fur balls deserve only love. Have a look at these cat tweets and you will agree too!


“What this ending big blue thing above us? How do we reach it?”


Cats persons are not ashamed of accepted who they are just like their cats.


Cats always win every argument. So you better shut your mouth and accept defeat.


It’s not that easy to master cat language. If it was, cats won’t be ruling the world now.


We love cats regardless of anything.

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By now, you must be convinced that cats are really amazing pets. Consider yourself really lucky if you get to spend your life with a cat. Not everyone gets to do this. Cats choose their hoomans on their own. If you think that you are the one who has adopted a cat, then you are completely wrong. It’s the cat who adopts his hoomans and takes care of them. All the cat hoomans agree that their cat is incharge of their happiness.


The cat gets to decide whether you get to keep the boyfriend or not.


If you can’t find your cat, just get an empty cardboard box and your cat will appear.


Cats love to play hide and seek. But it won’t make it that easy for you. “My hooman needs to get his eyes checked. He can’t find me. I am sitting right on top of the door.”


There is attack of the cats on this planet. Catnip needs to be banned right now.


Cats are super special and deserve a grand welcome.

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