10 ‘My House, Not My Cat’ Pics Every Cat Lover Will Adore


Has a little furry friend visited you without an invitation? Is it your love for cats that draw them to you? Well, the “My House, Not My Cat” group on Facebook is a community that has been sharing pictures of all the cats that have visited their homes or yards. Stephanie Holcomb created this group in October 2016 as she noticed a lot of ‘My House, Not My Cat’ memes. So if it has ever happened to you, you are not alone. Cats stroll freely and if you are lucky enough, they might even pave you a visit.
Here are some adorable pictures from the “My House, Not My Cat” community.

#1 This furry paw followed this guy ten blocks straight to his home after he handed him some bacon.

#2 The black kitty was found on my balcony and gave birth to seven little kittens on Christmas. This is surely supposed to be some good luck sign.

#3 I have been sheltering a kitty for some time now, only to find out that is not really a cat.

#4 Look at this adorable furball who chose its new home and refused to return to his old hooman.

#5 This cat has no plans to leave.

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#6 Welcomed home a little furball this morning and he was so comfortable as if it was his own home.

#7 This snowball entered my home, slept on my bed and now he’s my cat.

#8 My cat Swirl would bring home random kittens every day and now that he is gone, I totally miss this.

#9 This kitty Amelia took only a few months to go from a strange cat to my fat cat.

#10 This little kitty belongs to my neighbors. He came out of nowhere and now he’s drinking water from my glass.

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