10 Naughty Cats Shamed For Their Actions


Cats deserve all the appreciation in the world. But sometimes they do things for which they should be shames. Even though this doesn’t have an effect on the felines, their hooman somewhat feel a satisfaction by doing this. Cats don’t mind because they get to do what they want and their hoomans get to cheer up.

Here are some cats that were shamed by their hoomans for what they did. It is totally hilarious. Have a look!


Cats have weird ways of protesting. They do things in ways that may anger you at times. But you have to deal with it because you made them angry first.


“How does my hooman mom always finds out? Is she spying on me? Well, it doesn’t matter because I get to do what I like.”


“Enough of it now! We are running out of space to keep your clothes. I say no shopping for a year now.”


“I don’t understand what these humans want from me. They keep on instructing me how to eat my food also. Like can you just stop being so irritating.”


“I deserve all the love I can get. Sometimes you have to take it forcefully. Know what you deserve and take it.”

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Do you think cats really deserve this or are their hoomans going way too far? Either ways, cat lovers get to enjoy what cats do.


Some cats like empty boxes, others like cute toys. There’s nothing wrong with either of them.


“You need to create a new shopping list and put something for me on top. Otherwise, I will tear off that one too.”


“You made that deposit for a reason. You don’t have to get it back. My happiness should be your top priority.”


Some cats have weird taste. You can’t do anything about it. You just have to deal with it.


“Guess if you can or we will make you practise till you can. Don’t worry. You will be an expert by the end of it.”

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