10 Naughty Cats That Were Shamed For Their Hilarious Crimes


Cats are really naughty pets and at times, they do things that they need to be shamed for. Even though these furry creatures don’t realise, there are some acts that they need to apologize for. We know that the felines are only trying to bring a smile on their hooman’s face, but somethings are not acceptable.

Here are some cats that were shamed for their hilarious crimes by their hoomans. Have a look at these crimes committed by these cats and decide if this was required. It is hilarious how cats try to act innocent afterwards.


“It’s not my fault. My hooman mom is always in a hurry and doesn’t look where she should step. Stop blaming me for it.”


“This is how we trick our hoomans. They are so stupid.” Looks like cat hoomans need to be more careful from now on.


No matter how much this cat tries to lure you into feeding him. Please don’t be deceived.


“I try my hardest to lure strangers to feed me, but nothing ever works. Something is really wrong. My hooman even put a yellow note as a lucky charm around my neck. It is fake and doesn’t even work.”


Not all cats hate to travel. Some sneak out with their hoomans secretly.

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“It’s funny how my hooman mom starts shouting after meeting my snake friends. I have told them not to harm her. I don’t know why she is so scared.”


“Hooman, you do that too. Okay, not on my face. But you have to accept you do that.”


“It was so much fun. I have to do this again sometime soon. Maybe when my hoomans go on another trip, I will bring a mouse home again.”


“You have me. I am the nicest things in this house. What else do you need!”


“I was only trying to rectify what I did. You should at least acknowledge that and stop telling this story to everyone.”

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