10+ Naughty Cats Who Are Not Ashamed Of Their Bad Behavior


Cats are always proud of everything that they do even if it’s something that they should be ashamed of. But maybe we are expecting the unexpected here because this never happens. Right or wrong, cats do what they want.

Here are some highly misbehaved cats who do not have even an ounce of shame for what they did. We wonder where do these cats get such confidence from.


“My hooman gives the baby more delicious food, so I had to do this. Don’t judge anyone before you know their story.”


“I think this plant doesn’t look good in our house. Also, it is getting more attention than me and I don’t like it.”


Things your cat will make you do. “I am your king. Bow down for me or let’s play a game. This is much better.”


The reason why you can’t keep plants if you have a cat. They are not against plants. It’s just that they don’t like anything and everything that gets your time and attention.


Trying to find your cat? Just find the warmest place in your home.

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You can see how daring these cats are. They don’t even think before they do this. Or maybe they do all this intentionally and after a lot of planning. What do you think? Would you like to justify what cats do or feel that they should be ashamed for their deeds?


When you play games that your cat doesn’t understand. Well, that won’t happen.


“Hooman, these glasses don’t suit you. You should remove them.”


“My cat loves the sound of breaking glass. This is why he keeps on doing it again and again.”


When your cat loves books way more than you do, you should keep them hidden. Otherwise, you may have to deal with such a situation.


When you don’t share your pizza with your cat, he will make sure that you don’t get it either.


“My cat fell asleep in the middle of solving a puzzle. This must be really hard.”


Floor is always better than food bowl.

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