10 Over dramatic Cats Who Deserve An Oscar (New Pics)


Cats are the masters of being dramatic. So if anyone ever calls you too dramatic, you know what to say. You can never beat cats at it. If you don’t believe us, then see for yourselves. These cats will prove that no one is better at being over dramatic than them. They will fool you and rule you all at once.

Have a look at these adorable felines who are super dramatic.

#1 Some cats can go to any extent to get people’s attention, even if it means risking their lives.

#2 “Is this why you brought me home? You can do better than this.”

#3 “What just happened? Did you throw water at me? I told you I hate water. Why don’t you understand.”

#4 When your cat is smart enough to activate the video doorbell, you need not worry about leaving him outside.

#5 “Just when we brought our new born home, our furry one decided to step up.”

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Where there are cats, there has to be drama. Cats are incomplete without an element of drama. In fact, it only adds to their personality. It won’t be any fun if cats lacked drama. Life would be incomplete without it. We are just grateful for all the cat drama.

#6 When your cat sees the squirrels walking around freely during the lockdown, but he can’t step out.

#7 Never ever leave your cat freezing out in snow. He will never ever forgive you.

#8 Your cat may not have a separate room, but he has every right to be angry.

#9 “I can’t get over my cat’s reaction. She seems more surprised than me.”

#10 When you sneeze in front of your cat in corona times, this is how your cat reacts.

Does your cat also fall in this category? Well, you need not think twice because every feline does. Being over dramatic is their birth right. You can’t take that away from them. So sweet or not, just know that cats are always good at deceiving and overdoing things.

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