10 Pawsome Cats That Are Always Ungrateful


Cats are the most ungrateful species in the world. You may bring them the best toys in the world and they won’t even care a bit. Does this mean that they don’t want you to make efforts to make them smile? No, that’s the whole point of it. Cats may not show it, but they love even the smallest efforts you make for them. It just adds to their pride when they don’t show it.

Here are the ten most ungrateful cats of the world. Have a look!

#1 When your cat is not impressed with your drawing skills and gives you that look of disappointment.

#2 When your cat finally agrees to go on a road trip with it, but can’t see the point of the trip. “I can sit at home and stare out the window whole day. Why do you need to travel your car around the planet for it?”

#3 Only a handful of cats will be grateful for what you do for them. So don’t wait for appreciation. You are just wasting your time.

#4 When your cat wants to have a better view, this is what you do.

#5 “Brought home a huge bed for my cat. He didn’t even look at it. What should I do to get his attention?”

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#6 “Got my kitty the softest blanket I could find and this is where he chose to sleep.”

#7 “My cat looking at me to refill his plate even when it is half full.”

#8 “What will I do with this piece of paper? Get me a huge empty box.”

#9 “My cat’s look of disappointment when I forget to tuck him in.”

#10 “Why human, why? This is what you do to me for caring for you. I am running away first thing in the morning.”

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