10 People That Adopted an Ordinary Cat Instead of a Purebred One and Won the Jackpot


Many people want to adopt a cat, but only some take the rescued cats home. Everyone don’t understand that the rescue cats also deserve love and care. Here are some humans who got lucky after taking home rescue cats.

#1 Found with a broken tail and look how happy this kitty seems at his new home.

#2 This kitty was adopted when she was pregnant and now there are more adorable kittens just like her.

#3 When a cat gets into your jacket pocket and refuses to leave, you take him home. You don’t get to choose if you want to keep it or not.

#4 Look at the after and before picture of this kitty and you will know how lucky he got. Well, everyone gets what they deserve at some point or the other.

#5 This cat is a lucky charm for his hooman. Her hooman found her husband a few months after adopting this fluff ball.

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#6 When your cat respects you and acknowledges every thing you do for him, you are blessed with the best.

#7 The drastic changes that this cat went through after her adoption shaped her to be her best.

#8 Look what a little care and love can do to a cat. Do your bit today.

#9 When your kitty is a quick learner and innovative too. Alright kitty, you can rest now.

#10 Meet Danzig! He hid in his hooman’s car and got himself a furrever home.

#11 This kitty was adopted by her foster parents. They even found a home for each of the little kittens.

#12 It gets really hard with the cats to change the bedsheet of this bed.

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