10 People Walked Into Their Homes And Said “That’s Not My Cat”


Cats live in the house of their choice. If they want to live in a house, they would simply enter and refuse to leave. The owner will have no other choice, but to keep the cat. That’s how cats rule. There are many people out there who never wanted a cat, but are a cat hooman now. Cats can make anything happen. You can’t say no to them. If they want to live with you, they will.

Here are some people who walked into their homes and said “not my cat”. Guess what, now it is yours! Have a look at these pictures and you will know what we are talking about.


“Came home to this sleeping beauty and it’s not my cat. I did want to disturb him, so I let him be. Now, he is a part of my family.”


Only cats can enter a home and act like it’s theirs. They don’t even have to ask for anyone’s permission.


When you return home and find a cat staring at you which is not yours, what do you do? You adopt it.


You won’t even realize when a cat would sneak into your home and become a part of your family.


“Today, a cat sneaked into my home and also brought a gift along. He is not ready to leave now.”

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These three cats have found their furrever home. They are just waiting for their hooman to find them.


“This little kitty entered my home and adopted me.”


Black cats don’t like to enter through doors. Window is the only way that they know.


“Two black cats are sleeping outside my house and it seems like they are waiting for me to invite them in. Should I or should I not?” Well, you have no other option.


“I heard meowing at night and found this cat hiding behind the TV in the morning. He seems really scared. I am not sure how he got there.”

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