10 People Who Are Completely Clueless About How They Got A Cat


Cats are the furry creatures that have the freedom of entering anyone’s life and house at any point that they want. You can’t stop a cat from doing what it wants. Many people think that they don’t want a cat until they meet a cat. Becoming a cat hooman doesn’t happen by choice, but by chance. It’s the cat that gets to choose the home and hooman he wants. You just can’t force a cat to stay with you. The felines have full liberty to choose and do as they like.

Here are some people who are completely clueless about how they got a cat. Have a look at these cats and you will know that cats can enter anywhere they like!


When you enter your store room to find something and come to know that a cat has been hiding in there all this while.


Many a times people think that they don’t want a cat. That’s when a cat shows up and make them realize that they are completely wrong.


Wish for a cat and a cat will appear! That’s how magical and pawsome cats are.


When your cat says that he needs a friend, but you don’t do anything about it. So he goes ahead and invites another cat. “I have decided and I am not going to change my decision. This cat will stay with us from now on.”


Cats are pawsome and when you are blessed with one, you don’t say no to it.

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When you take your baby out for a walk and come back with a cat. Congratulations! You are also a cat mom now!


If you have made the mistake of leaving your kitchen window open, be ready to adopt a lot of cats.


It’s rude not to open the door when there is a cat sitting outside your home. Learn some manners and let the cat inside.


This man did not have a cat until last night and now he can’t spend a single moment without this furry one.


When you are blessed with a cat that also knows how to make weird faces, consider yourself really lucky.

Go ahead and share this hilarious cat story with your family and friends! These cat stories will definitely bring a smile on their face. If you too have a pawsome cat story to share with us, then do let us know!

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