10 People Who Didn’t Think About The Consequences Of Owning A Cat


Getting a cat home is a really big decision. It will change your life furrever. Even though cats seem to be aloof and silent, they are fluffy fun balls. Felines will make you a part of everything they do. They will make you laugh and keep you happy at all times.

But along with all the fun and entertainment, there comes a huge responsibility. Yes, taking care of a cat is not an easy task. Apart from food, they also want your attention at all times. So think before you get a cat home.

#1 “My cat wakes me up at 6 a.m. every morning. This is how he opens the blackout curtains.”

#2 “My cat sits on his throne of destruction every time something goes wrong in our house. What did you do now??”

#3 “Woke up to this. Clearly, my cat hates the shower curtains. He can’t give me a moment of privacy.”

#4 “Every time I try to take a selfie, my cat intervenes and this is the end result.”

#5 “My cat is not happy with the whole crocheting thing. I have to keep it aside every time he comes and sits on me.”

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#6 “My cat was too desperate to get a picture with me.”

#7 “My cat recently learnt about amplifying and now her midnight concerts are getting crazier day by day.”

#8 “My cat has been hiding all his treasure away from us. We finally found it today.”

#9 “Everyday I open my eyes in the morning, my cat is staring at me. He thinks I sleep too much.”

#10 When you forget to feed your cat before you sit to eat. “How could you forget to feed me!?”

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