10 People Who Got Conned While Getting Pets


How many of you have been conned by a salesman? Well, each of us goes through this at some point in our lives. We have a collection of some pet pictures that will explain very well that their hoomans were conned. It’s very easy to make a fool out of someone who has no knowledge about different animal breeds and want to adopt one. We suggest that you do your research before getting a pet. Have a look at these pet pictures and know their stories.

#1 This girl was told that it’s a tory terrier.

#2 The Sphynx cat Fubla was bald when she was first adopted. But gradually, the kitty got fur as she grew up.

#3 “Wanted to buy a poodle, got this one home.”

#4 “Asked for a Shar-Pei and ended up adopting this one.”

#5 The confusion between a dachshund and poodle is never ending. The hoomans of this dog are still confused.

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#6 A man thought that this was a poodle and gifted it to his parents. Well, some people got to do some research before they get a dog.

#7 His hooman was told that the dog won’t get heavier than 4.4. lb. At present, he is 15.4 lb and is growing bigger day by day.

#8 This dog’s hooman was told that the dog is a mix breed of a Chihuahua and a Hound. Six years later, Chihuahua is nowhere to be found.

#9 Does anybody know how big a chow-chow grows? This dog’s hoomans are still figuring out.

#10 This is the so-called Persian cat. Isn’t he adorable?

So which pet do you want now? Comment and let us know.

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