10 Photos of Cats That Prove We Can Never Truly Understand Them


Cats have been living with us since ages, but it’s impossible to understand them. The furry creatures are very unpredictable and always capable of surprising us.

Here are some cat pictures that will prove that we can never understand cats. Have a look at these pictures and you will also agree with us!


“My cat brought a snake home one day and asked me to keep it. I haven’t let the cat go out on his own since then.”


“Got this customized sofa for my cat and he still prefers to sleep on the floor. I don’t know what to do with it now.”


When you take your cat out for the first time and he climbs the tree that he has been staring at from the window, it would be really hard to convince him to get down from the tree.


When your cat decides to do weird yoga poses in your lap, you sit and stare at it. “Observe carefully hooman. This is your demo class. You have to do all of it from tomorrow on your own.”


The cat is trying to solve the mystery of artificial rain. “These hoomans have been playing smart all this while.”

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Cats have a never-ending love for microwave. If your cat ever goes missing, find it behind the microwave.


When life won’t stop attacking you and you have no clue what to do about it. “This year needs to end soon.”


The cat doesn’t use the automatic feeder except when it doesn’t work.


When your cat managed to stand on two legs and can’t understand why he why taught to walk on four legs. “Look hooman I have two free limbs that I can put to use now. What should I do with them?”


When your cat thinks that the pillow is an actual act and tries to act like it. “What’s so special about this cat? I can also do what it can.”

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