10 Photos Proving That Cats Are Adorable Little Monsters


Cats are little balls of fun and entertainment. Get one at home and you will never get bored. They may be evil or angelic; it is all your luck. But one thing is for sure that they will instantly become a part of your heart. This fluffy ball of mischief and cuteness is all that you need in your life. Here are some pawsome pictures of cats doing their thing and making us laugh. Have a look or you will regret later.

#1 And the winner of this year’s elections is none other than the feline of the family. You know who to ask whenever you need permission to stay out late.

#2 When your cat wants a head bump with a cone around.

#3 Some cats feel too cold. They may need something else to heat.

#4 This kitty was angry at the Christmas tree for taking everyone’s attention. This is how we found it in the morning.

#5 When your cat destroys the TV and has zero guilt about it. “Why did you get the TV when I am there to entertain you!”

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#6 This new cat in his new home. It seems that the kitty got too comfortable too soon.

#7 When my cat is in the mood of destruction, he gets to my most favorite section in the house.

#8 “The show is over. Go home now.”

#9 “This is the best spot in the entire home to get some sun. Leave me alone now. You can take care of the destruction later.”

#10 When your cat is tired of you and decides to take revenge. “Let me cut the Wi-Fi network for some time and bring my hooman back on track.”

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