10 Pictures Prove That Cat Owners Should Be Given A Medal for Their Patience


Being a cat hooman may be the most difficult task in the world, but it’s all worth it. Cats test our patience and take it to the level that we didn’t know even exist. Somehow, cats have the magic to make everyone purrfect just like them.

Here are some cats that will show you why their deserves a medal for being patient with them. Even cats know that it’s not easy to deal with their mischievous actions.


When your cat decides to design something, he won’t ask you. You will only get to see the final product.


Who gets all the attention? Obviously,  the cat of the house!


“Hi hooman! You seem really busy the entire day so I thought I will catch up.”


“I was making preparations for a party. You are welcome to clean afterwards, but you can leave now.”


“I was about to have some fun, but then I got tired and decided to rest first.”

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If you don’t have a cat, then you can clearly judge how much patience you need to deal with one. And if you are already living with a cat, then we need not say more. But either ways we know that our life is very boring without cats. So it’s better to be patient and be a part of their adventurous lives rather than not witnessing it at all.


“Can we postpone this bath till tomorrow? I am feeling cold today.”


“It’s not what you think it is. I was only making sure that everything was at its proper place.”


“My cat saw me playing with the lights earlier. He is checking what went wrong with the lights. Maybe he will check me next.”


“When your hooman refuses to take you out, you simply hide inside her bag. It is that simple.”


“Every time I am busy doing some important work, this is what my cat does to distract me.”

Will you deal with all the cat mischief to fill your life pawsomeness? Comment and let us know.

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