10 Pictures Show That Cats and Dogs Are from Different Worlds


The debate between cat and dog owners will never it. It is impossible to justify that cats are better than dogs or vice-a-versa. All you can tell is that both cats and dogs belong to very different worlds.

Here are some pictures that will show that cats and dogs are worlds apart. But we love them no matter what!


Your cat will never forgive you for doing this to you. They used to hate water and now they hate you more than water.


You need not take your cat out for walks. This is how they will react. “Why do have to go for a walk? Can’t we just sit on the couch and watch TV?”


Cats never ask for permission. They just do what they want to do.


Who needs a bed when you have a box! It doesn’t matter what the size of a box is, a cat will always fit in.


While dogs love to go out with their hoomans, cats totally hate it. Cats will prefer staying at home over car rides any day.

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Only give cat food to your cat. The chicken is not appealing for them.


Never go home empty handed if you have a cat waiting for you. They expect you to bring cat treats for them.


Take your cat’s permission before touching him. Otherwise, it is very rude and they may attack you in self defense.


Your cat thinks that you get cold in the morning and want them to sit on their face. Don’t blame them for this. They only care for you.


Your cats will never apologize for creating a mess in your home. So stop expecting and move on!


Cats should always be in the spotlight, no matter what happens.


Your cats will never say out loud that they love you, but they do. ”You have to look at me and understand. I can’t say it out loud!”

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