10+ Pictures Showing Cats Doing The Weirdest Things


Cats and weirdness both fit in the same sentence very well. Any cat will be incomplete without his weirdness. Every cat hooman is used to all the stupid things that their cats are busy doing throughout the day. It’s very normal for them now. But if you are not aware of it, you may get pretty surprised. You may actually ask that if it’s really a cat.

Here are some cats that are busy doing the weirdest things ever.


Cats like to make things difficult. They feel it’s always good to solve puzzles rather than leading a boring life.


This cat likes to stay connected to all his loved ones who stay far away. This is just so adorable.


May god bless this cat and his hooman!


These cats knew it all along. They are just pretending that they don’t. Cats are totally natural at this.


Sometimes cat hoomans can also pull amazing pranks. This one just proved it.

So what do you think? Are these cats weird enough or they can be more crazy? How would you rate them on a scale of 1-10? We believe they are pretty weird, but pawsome. It will always be a mystery how cats come up with such awesome ideas. Like just compare your not so artistic ideas of fun with the ones that your cat have and we have a clear winner.


“Was there an exchange program? What are you doing here? I want my hooman back!”


“Should I set the cat free or let him play here for some time? I like how he looks.”


Cats can do anything to escape the vet. Look at this one how desperately this cat is trying to run away.


Sometimes cats can be helpless too. Look how this kitty is completely clueless about how to deal with the situation.


Cats are very creative. This one here likes to keep everything organized.

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This cat is pretty sorted with what he wants in his life. There is no wasting time when it comes to food.

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