10+ Pictures That Prove Our Pets Have Bad Days Too


It doesn’t matter how purrfect our pets’ lives may seem, they too have bad days. They just choose to fill them with love and happiness. Here are some pets that are having a really bad day and they look hilarious. Have a look!


When you are super hungry and can’t differentiate between what’s real and what’s fake.


When your hooman doesn’t tell you that snow ultimately turns to water and is super cold. “Why didn’t you tell me this before? I am not forgiving you for this.”


“I told you I hate going out. You trapped me. Take me back home now!”


“You ate it all without me. You didn’t even ask me even once. I hate you for this.”


“Why do you have to give me a bath every week! Look how ugly it makes me. I know you are jealous of my beauty.”

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When you think you will party all weekend, but actually end up staying in because you got cold. Some bad days couldn’t get any worse.


When you leave your cat with your friend and he is not happy about it. “My hooman thought that he can go on a date and leave me with his super boring and ugly friend. Let him come back and maybe I can bite his girlfriend on the face.”


“I took my cat for his first trip to the vet. This was him entire ride back home.”


When your cat waits patiently for his squirrel friend, but he doesn’t show up. “I thought he would come. He couldn’t ditch me like this.”


When you interrupt the cat party and they give you this angry look.


Be careful when you give your furry pets a bath. They may change a bit.


When your cat gets too near to the fire and ends up almost getting burnt.


Only these dogs know what they are up to.


When you are so bored that you end up dressing up your dog and fail at that too.

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