10 Pictures To Prove That Cats Are The Best Companions


There’s one pet that will never let you get bored. Yes, it’s none other that cats. These pawsome creatures know how to amuse their hoomans and keep them entertained. But sometimes, it may get a little awkward for the hoomans. You know how cats like to do weird things that are really difficult to explain.

Cats are the wisest in the house, yet they crave attention like a two year old. Here are some cats that will show you why you can never get bored when there is a cat in the home.

#1 When your cat spoils the selfie only to make it look purrfect.

#2 Meanwhile, the cat is busy planning her next move. “You just wait and watch what I will do to you for stealing my thunder.”

#3 Cats only express their affection when nobody is looking. In case you were wondering why your cat acts insensitive, here’s your answer.

#4 “You should have shared this picture with your friends. I am too ashamed to go out now.”

#5 When it’s bright light outside, but you believe that it’s not your fault.

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Cats are the best companions that you can ever ask for. They are patient listeners and good to cuddle with as well. What else? The felines don’t snore so you don’t have to worry about being disturbed by them. But sometimes, they get hungry in the middle of the night and may nudge you for food.

#6 When you offer the best food in the home to your kitty, but forget to give him what she asked for.

#7 “You have been doing it wrong all this while. Let me show you how it’s done.”

#8 “My cat sulking at the dog for eating all the food that he managed to steal. That’s what you do for your friends.

#9 “Captured my cats this way and I am clueless what was he up to. Is he secretly planning to kill me?”

#10 Cats like to get innovative with everything they do.

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