10 Purrfect Cat Posts To Show You How Expressive They Are


This is for every person out there who thinks that cats don’t care. Felines absolutely care and they show it all the time. Cats want their hoomans to be a part of everything they do. It doesn’t matter how crazy it gets. If a cat wants to do it, he will. And you have no choice but to be a part of their pawsomeness.

Here are some cats that will show you that they are the most expressive pets ever.


Yeah that can happen if you try to shower your cat with extra love. Cats like things to be purrfect, so don’t try to ruin it.


Meet the best furry drum player in the world!


This is why we can’t ever stop loving cats. They are so adorable not to. Seriously, it would be a crime.


“Hi there! I’m Mila. I like to hide all the time, so my hooman is busy looking for me.”


“It’s time to get some sleep. But let’s play hide and seek first.”

Are you satisfied yet or do you need more proof that cats are the most expressive pets ever? Well, there’s no end to these awesome cat pictures. We can go on showing you how adorable these fluffy balls are. Cat hoomans can’t imagine their life without these little balls of pawsomeness. Cats always rule, be it our homes or our hearts. We have no other choice, but to obey.


“Make it quick. I can’t hold it any longer.”


“My bundle of love and joy. This is how he sleeps.”


“Can you please turn the tap off? I think I am done now.”

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“It’s all clear. Let’s go and steal the food now!”


“I can’t let this go. I have to win this one anyhow.”

Do you also live with a cat? We bet your cats are super expressive too. What is your most favorite moment with your cat? Share your story with us in the comments.

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