10+ Purrfectly Hidden Cats Who Have Mastered The Art Of Camouflage


Cats are an expert when it comes to doing weird stuff. But they surely are masters of camouflaging. So whenever you get a cat, just be sure that you don’t have other similar colored stuff in your home. Otherwise, you will spend half of your time looking for your cat.

If you want to know about the brilliant camouflaging ideas that your cats can use, have a look at these cats.


Did anyone see the cat? We can only spot a pair of eyes. Where’s the rest of cat?


This is the most difficult puzzle ever. Find the cat!


Be a little careful. You may slip down the cat on the stairs. Well, before you ask where, just look closely.


“I was looking for my cat in the entire house only to realize that he was sitting right in front of me. Don’t buy black blankets when you are living with a cat.”


“All of a sudden I hear this meow sound in my room and I don’t know where it’s coming from.”

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If your brilliant minds are still working, we have some more cat puzzles for you.


“Can’t find my kitty anywhere. I am sure he is hiding somewhere here. Can you help me?”


This dog is sleeping so peacefully. Now let’s find where the cat is. Oh! We just found it too, sleeping right there on the couch.


“Have you seen the other cat? We can’t find it in the entire house.”


Never ever leave your cat in the woods. You may not find them till they decide to return.


“My cat thinks he is one of them. For a moment, even we felt that way.”


When you live with a cat, tell your friends not to gift you something with cats on it. Or you may search your house for hours looking for your cat.


When your cat knows the best place to hide. It would be right in front of your eyes and you still won’t be able to see it.

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